About the Clinic


“This is truly an exciting time for our patients and the healthcare industry in general. We are now in a position to offer our patients the best of both worlds: the latest in modern medicine and advanced healthcare technology, as well as traditional medical disciplines that have been helping to heal people for centuries. What better way to treat our patients than to integrate and coordinate the best of these approaches under one roof.”

Ira D. Zunin, M.D., M.P.H.
Medical Director

Manakai O Malama translates loosely in Hawaiian as the “healing spirit of the ocean.” For centuries, Hawaiians have found strength in the healing powers of the ocean and its positive effects on mind, body and spirit in restoring health. This idea is central to the healthcare approach at Manakai O Malama. By applying the principles of integrative healthcare through a combination of modern and traditional healing practices, our goal is to treat the whole person – we help our patients balance the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual factors in their lives to achieve optimal health now and in the future.

Implicit in this approach is our philosophy of patient-centered care. At Manakai O Malama, we believe that every patient is a unique individual who must be treated with the utmost in personal care and respect. We believe that a healing and supportive environment plays a central role in the health of our patients; and we believe that the patient-provider relationship should focus on both short-term success and long-term wellness through preventive care. These principles are central to our daily operations at Manakai O Malama, and the reason why so many of our patients choose to return year after year.

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